Tuition Fees

Before making decisions about joining any martial art, we always recommend actually having a look at the classes.

Once you see our classes in action, I’m sure you will agree it will be a wonderful thing for your family to be involved with. We are confident our club is the best in the area, and our instructors are the most highly trained of any martial art. 

Joining Fee

Individuals: $95
Family Groups: $150

Includes first year of national body (ITFNZ) registration, photo membership card and handbook.

Tuition fees

Mini-Kids Class

(once per week)

$70 per month (or $16 per week)

Family Class

(Twice per week)
$90 per month (or $20 per week)

Family Discounts
2 person family
$120 per month (or $28 per week)

3 person family
$150 per month (or $35 per week)


Uniform and Belt – $90

Sparring Gear
(Boots & Gloves) – $140*

*Sparring gear is not required initially

How our Fees Work

We include your ITFNZ annual re-registration fee in your training fees, spread equally across the year in 12 monthly payments. This means that these monthly payments are at a lower rate than we didn’t receive the Dec-Jan payments, and of course, it is simpler than having to stop your automatic payments over Christmas.