Scholarship Application

Training fee scholarships are awarded from time to time to students who show promise and dedication to Taekwon-Do, but the family may have genuine financial hardship.

It is awarded on a case-by-case basis, where the training fees of the student are paid by PMP for an agreed period of time. It is intended as a helping hand to families so that the student can continue training where otherwise they may be forced to stop. There is no age restriction for applications, it can be for children or adults.

All applications and the outcome of who is awarded a scholarship remain confidential.

I hereby agree to abide by the following conditions. I am a current member of Paul M Papakura with no outstanding fees to either the club or the organisation ITKD. I agree to attend all training sessions and give all training sessions my 100% best effort. I understand this scholarship is for an agreed period only, after which time I will continuing paying normal training fees. The scholarship does not include any registration fee, uniform, grading or tournament fees I may incur. I agree that the decision whether to accept or decline the application is the sole right of Master McPhail. I agree to keep this application and the outcome confidential.