Mini-Kids (5-10 year olds)

Taekwon-Do Mini Kids is a programme that comes with its own workbook. The children are not taught a ‘watered down’ version of Taekwon-Do; rather they are taught the same techniques and skills that older children and adults learn in the International Taekwon-Do grading syllabus, in a carefully sequenced order, that is appropriate for their stage of physical and mental development.

The syllabus is initially divided into 4 levels, with a coloured stripe added to their white belt after each successful testing. The testings are conducted at their usual club, approximately once a term. The two higher levels often take a bit longer to complete. It takes most children between 1 and 1½ years to complete all the levels, at which point they will be ready to work towards their first national grading to 9th Gup within the normal grading system.

Mini Kids

Mini-Kids Classes

Monday Wednesday Thursday Bonus Free Class
5.00-5.55pm 5.00-5.55pm 5.00-5.55pm Saturday 10.00-12pm
Papakura Normal School
Cnr Porchester/Walters Rds
Papakura Normal School
Cnr Porchester/Walters Rds
Takanini School Hall
Old Park Place Entrance, Takanini
1273 Alfriston Road

Please note: Week day classes are not run during school holidays.

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