Profile of Master Paul McPhail / Master Paul McPhail - 8th dan

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Master McPhail’s Instructor line

 General Choi Hong Hi   Grand Master Nam Tae Hi   Master Low Koon Lim   Mr Norman Ng   Paul McPhail


Master McPhail’s TKD Timeline


Commenced Taekwon-Do

Some photos from 1974 when we started kicking around at home and at school, just prior to joining the Palmerston North Taekwon-Do club in January 1975.

Palmerston North Taekwon-Do Academy Club Grading 1975

Graded to 8th Gup

Examiner was Mr S.O. Choi, a visiting instructor that Mr Ng invited to take the grading. Paul McPhail seated front row center. Mr Evan Davidson (1st dan) seated left.



Took part in three demonstrations to promote Taekwon-Do for the “Come Alive” campaign. These were held at Memorial Park, Massey University and the Palmerston North Botanical Gardens.


Graded 7th Gup by Mr Willy Lim

Mr Willie Lim was one of the Pioneers of Taekwon-Do in New Zealand, and in 1975 was a 3rd dan. He graded us in June 1975 then performed Kwang-Gae pattern as a demonstration. These photos were taken at home and at a park around that time.


Filmed Kung-Fu Dragons

Filmed the home movie “Kung-Fu Dragons” with fellow Taekwon-Do student Allan Davis. Click the title above to see the movie.


Graded 6th Gup by Mr Young Ku Yun.

This was the first grading conducted by Master Young Ku Yun after the club affiliated to the Australian Taekwon-Do Academy. These photos taken around that time as a newly promoted green belt.

Paul McPhail - Blue Stripe

Graded 5th Gup by Mr Young Ku Yun.

Graded to 5th gup by Master Yun. Photo is of some breaking practice after training held at Massey University.

Paul McPhail - blue belt

Graded 4th Gup by Mr Young Ku Yun.

Graded to 4th gup by Master Yun. The photo show some early experimentation with double exposure photography.

TKD Demonstration Fielding, 1976

Various demonstrations in 1976

Took part on Taekwon-Do Demonstrations in Fielding, Massey University, Ohakea Airbase, Palmerston North Boys’ High School and Freyberg High School.


Graded 3rd Gup by Mr Young Ku Yun.

Graded to 3rd gup by Master Yun and also a demonstration at grading.