Paul M Papakura

Paul M Papakura was formed on the 6th April 1988. The Instructor is Master Paul McPhail, 8th dan and Technical Advisor for International Taekwon-Do, with over 40 years experience. In 2006 Master Steve Pellow took on specialist instructor role at the Papakura branch.

Email testimonial from a parent (name has been changed to preserve privacy)
You should know TKD has really assisted Kaite.  She has what’s known as a Sensory Processing Disorder and mild dyspraxia. Combined, it means she can have difficulty processing sensory stimuli – noise, light and dark, smells and tastes, physical contact etc – as well as the process of ideation (forming an idea of using a known movement to achieve a planned purpose), motor planning (planning the action needed to achieve the idea), and execution (carrying out the planned movement).
TKD was fantastic for her coordination, and just getting her used to moving in different ways, and confidence building. Incidentally a lot of the literature on SPD recommends TKD as a good tool for kids with the condition for those very reasons.
About PaulM Papakura
The Papakura branch has a current membership of over 150 people divided into 6 different classes. We specialise in Kids classes catering for ages 3 and up. Our adults classes cater for family groups with members of all ages.
We are active and supportive of all International Taekwon-Do events such as tournaments and seminars. We have won many awards such as Club of the Year and Instructor of the Year in 2010. The club has produced over 80 black belts with many going on to represent New Zealand at World Champs level.

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