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We have a range of Taekwon-Do classes in Papakura catering for age and ability.
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16 May 2022: SORRY! No training this week due to Covid19 hitting our instructors.

Our Classes

Our children’s classes (called Mini-kids)  combine safe Taekwon-Do skills with fun drills and games that inspire great behaviour.

This class is for beginners from the age of 10 years old. You will stay in this class from white belt to black belt levels.

Our Black Belts

Mr James Carver

1st Degree

Miss Sienna Pallin-Simmonds

1st Degree

Mr Liam Reynolds

1st Degree

Miss Shakeelah Enoka

1st Degree
DJ Iotua

Mr DJ Iotua

1st degree

Mr Harrison Tapili

1st Degree

Miss Amy Childs

1st Degree

Mrs Nicola Pallin-Simmonds

2nd Degree

Ms Carmen Yip

2nd Degree

Mrs Jacky Bebbington

3rd Degree

Mr Glen Harding

3rd Degree

Ms Wedaad Waja

3rd Degree

Mr Sean Carver

4th Degree

Mr Kishan Mistry

4th Degree

Dr Brice Valles

5th Degree

Master Steve Pellow

7th Degree
Master Paul McPhail

Grand Master Paul McPhail

9th Degree