Thank you for your interest in International Taekwon-Do

If you have completed our email form below, then we will send you information about our Starter Pack and membership options. It is designed to be affordable with special discounts for families. If you haven’t completed the form please click the blue box “Need more information” below and we will be in touch.

You are most welcome to come along and watch any of our classes before deciding if you want to give it a go. When you do join in, your first lesson is completely free of charge.

Beginners Class

 What to expect 

It is normal to be nervous when you first try something new. We understand that and do our best to make you feel comfortable, no matter what your age or current level of fitness.

On your first lesson wear loose, comfortable clothing (such as shorts or track pants and t-shirt), remove your jewellery (for safety reasons), and bring a bottle of drinking water.

Next steps...

Our classes do get full , so please complete the Beginner Registration form then come along and join in for a free lesson.

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