Terms and Conditions

Please note we have a Health & Safety Risk Management Plan which you are encouraged to read.

I hereby agree to abide by the following conditions:

Training fees must be paid on time and in accordance with the terms of fee payment below. In addition I understand that I am required to pay national governing organisation annual registration and re-registration fees.

The instructors at Paul M Taekwon-Do have the right to withhold tuition from me if I disturb the class in any way and/or if they believe certain exercises are unsafe for me to perform and/or they have reason to believe I am negatively impacting another member(s) or members of staff and/or I misuse the skills taught to me and/or my fees are not paid on time. If deemed sufficiently serious Paul M Taekwon-Do reserves the right to terminate my membership without notice or explanation.

FEES – Membership Fee Structure
Training fees are based on an annual membership, i.e. they are calculated across the whole year and divided into 12 easy payments to be made across the year for your convenience. We are closed only for a brief time over the summer holiday period.

Memberships are not transferable and monthly membership fees are subject to change each year. Paul M Taekwon-Do reserves the right to change its fee structures for all members in the future however any changes would be made with notice. Family discounts apply for the duration that the other family members are training and single rates apply if family members stop training.

As outlined above, the training fees at Paul M Taekwon-Do are based on a yearly membership, with payments spread out throughout the year. For this reason we do not allow fees to be put on hold for travel / holidays / other commitments. Should you wish to take an extended break for these reasons, we can terminate your account and you are most welcome to come back when the time is right to resume training. In extenuating circumstances such as bereavement / Illness / injury / loss of job please contact us in writing – fees may be placed on-hold with each situation will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Monthly memberships are paid for one month in advance and can be paid via Automatic Payment via monthy or weekly payments. All fees paid in advance via any method are non-refundable.

If you wish to terminate one or all of your memberships at Paul M Taekwon-Do you can do so any time by giving 30 days written notice (via email). There are no cancellation fees. If you return to Paul M Taekwon-Do you will be subject to the fee structures in effect at the time of rejoining.

I/we grant the School irrevocable permission to use photographs, audio recordings, videotapes, artwork or other likenesses of me/us for marketing, promotional, trade, demonstration, publishing or any other lawful purpose without remuneration.